PJ Lincoln

The Eden Effect

The Eden Effect by PJ Lincoln
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fiction Fiction, Romance
For readers of:Romance, children's stories, Dean Koontz, Richard Paul Evans, In the Sunshine, Born Again
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Print Length50
PublisherPJ's Books, LLC
Publication Date5/24/14
About the Book

Eve Adams is envious.

She has raised her family and watched her children become successful. She has also been a great wife to George. But, in her heart of hearts, Eve always wanted something more than the life of a homemaker.

She watched as other women found freedom and fought their way from the secretary pool to the board room and knew she had what it took to do the same. So many regrets, at least about that portion of her life.

In The Eden Effect, Eve gets a second chance.

Long ago, George Adams inscribed their names on an apple tree in the middle of an orchard where they met and worked. Now he wants to find out if its still there. After a typical evening out, they stop by the long-since abandoned Culver’s Apple Orchard and find the tree.

To their surprise, it is still standing. While all of the other trees in the orchard are barren, George and Eve's tree has a single apple growing from it. Eve can't resist plucking it from the branch. Despite George's warnings, she bites into the apple. It's perfect in form and taste. Eve convinces George to eat.

And that’s all it takes to turn their world upside down.

Set it suburbia, The Eden Effect answers some of the questions we all ponder about the choices we’ve made in life. The grass is always greener, right? Eve Adams is about to find out...


About the Author

I decided as a high school freshman to be a journalist. It took awhile to accomplish that goal, but I eventually wrote for several metropolitan Detroit newspapers before leaving the business in 2006. I covered several different news and sports "beats" during my career. Hard news was fun, but I enjoyed feature writing the most, especially profiling people. A teacher I interviewed once said that her job "made her soul sing."

That's how I feel about writing. I hope it's reflected in my stories and I also hope that you enjoy reading them. In terms of my works of fiction, I have written a pair of romantic suspense stories thus far. The Eden Effect, a novella, and Born Again, a short story, are contemporary pieces that show some of the challenges of marriage in extra-ordinary circumstances. While there certainly are Christian overtones to both stories, they're aimed at readers of romance and suspense in general. Aside from writing, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children. I'm also a huge fan of the Detroit Tigers, and as you can tell by my photo, I'm also a Michigan State University Spartan.

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