Ricardo Navarro

A Hero In the Home: 10 Epic Ways to be a better Dad

A Hero In the Home: 10 Epic Ways to be a better Dad by Ricardo Navarro
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nonfiction Parenting, Religion
For readers of:Tyler Ward, Jon Acuff, Ed Cyzewski
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Print Length165 Pages
ISBNISBN-13: 978-1514249000
PublisherNavarro Family Publishing
Publication Date06/21/2015
About the Book

Are you an EPIC Dad?

  • Do your children sing your praises?
  • Does your wife quiver with excitement when she hears your car pull up to the house?
  • Does your dog greet you at the door with a cold beverage and house slippers when you get home?

No? How'd you like to learn how to be an EPIC DAD?

To be a hero in your home need you'll to be equipped. Nobody in the real world is born with super powers but we can definitely learn them. Batman had a utility belt, Spiderman had a web-slinger and Captain America had a shield, so you are going to need your own gear too. That's where this book comes in. Consider it a superhero instruction manual.

Here's the skinny...

For the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: You're a tech-wiz, slicker than Tony Stark and unlike Steve Rogers, you like to live in the "now". Why go analog when digital is the wave of the future? You are literally shaping the way the world works with your mobile device so you might as well keep a copy of your manual, in your pocket.

In the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of "A Hero in the Home" you'll get:

  • A digital copy to keep on all your latest communication devices
  • 10 exercises to up your superhero game!
  • 10 things that you might be doing as a dad to cripple your hero status faster than a backpack of kryptonite on Superman's face.

The book is 147 pages and is packed with more tools than a Stark Industries lab.

The time is now gentlemen!The call for a hero is a bright beacon in a midnight sky.

It's time for the boys to rise up and be men. It's time for the men to reach their full potential.

It's time for all of us to be A Hero in the Home.

Get your copy today just in time for fathers day and give the gift of heroism to your favorite hero in training.

About the Author

Rick Navarro is a Christian author that seeks to motivate and inspire a generation with thought-provoking and creative commentary that challenges people to not only love God with their heart soul and strength but to love Him fully and completely with their minds.

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