Roland Denzel

Lose Weight Today - All you have to do is START!

Lose Weight Today - All you have to do is START! by Roland Denzel
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Print Length112 pages
PublisherFit Ink Publications
Publication DateDecember 8, 2013
About the Book

Lose Weight TODAY!

• Are you tired of being fat?

• Do you want to look good naked?

• Are you tired of searching for the perfect diet?

• Do you want to live a long and healthy life?

• Do you want to take control of your life again?

You've tried diet and exercise before, and you've always stopped. Diets are hard and restrictive, and who has time to go to the gym five times a week or train for a marathon just to slim down?

You shouldn't have to change your whole life!

"Lose Weight Today - All you have to do is START!" is a short, simple book that lets you start on the right path in just a few minutes. No more waiting until Monday. No more searching for the perfect diet. No more spending money on expensive supplements.

Download, start reading, and be on your way to a slimmer, fitter YOU, starting right NOW!

About the Author

Hi, my name is Roland Denzel, and I used to be fat.

Like I said above, I used to be fat, but now I'm not. I lost a lot of fat and a lot of weight, and I've kept it off for over ten years now. In those ten years, I've learned a lot, and my quest to get fit and trim has morphed into a passion for fitness and nutrition that I didn't know I had hidden inside of me. That passion has led to competing and training in Kettlebell Sport, in addition to becoming an IKFF certified kettlebell coach.

As someone who's always been passionate about food and cooking, I'm proud to say that my weight loss journey has also spawned an interest in healthier eating. I'm a self-taught cook, unless you count Sunset Magazine and Julia Child, but a large part of my nutritional education comes from Precision Nutrition, where I got my certification as a Precision Nutrition Coach.

I lost 75 pounds - It's really not that simple, although it sounds good in my elevator speech. "I lost 75 pounds" is enough to start a conversation.I did lose 75lbs, of course, but I've since added some muscle, and today I'm about 200 pounds, but leaner than when I was at my all time low of 160. Yes, I lost fat and gained muscle, so the actual weight loss claim is problematic. In fact, if I go by pure weight and my all time, but short lived, high of 275, I've lost 110 pounds!

You can read my other work at

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