Rory Nelson

The Hound of Hell: Book One

The Hound of Hell: Book One by Rory Nelson
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fiction Fantasy, Suspense
For readers of:George RR Martin, Pierce Brown, Stephen King, Sara Maas, Veronica Roth
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Print Length150 pages
PublisherNelson Ventured
Publication DateSeptember 1, 2019
About the Book

He serves the Round Table in cruel and sadistic ways. But can this knighted spymaster survive when the tables turn?

Renault has pledged his deadly skills and mortal life to the Brotherhood. Even centuries after King Arthur's demise, when the Merlin orders him to lead a rescue mission, he armors up without hesitation. Yet this cunning warrior did not predict his assignment would be a vicious fight to the death.

Aboard a speeding train with his men by his side, a shocking betrayal throws Renault off guard and jeopardizes the entire crusade. And with an old foe intent on claiming his head, he fears the forces of their combined enemies may finally outmatch his knights. 

Can Renault defeat a desperate assassin and save the captive, or will his legendary reputation come to a gory end?

The Hound of Hell is the first book in the gripping Hound of Hell dark fantasy spin-off series within The Brotherhood of Merlin universe. If you like Arthurian legends, graphic action, and rich characters, then you'll love Rory D Nelson's relentless adventure.

About the Author

I've had a window cleaning business in the Northern area for the last seventeen years and am a devoted pet parent to my dogs, Cupcake and Ruger. For most of my life, I've never aspired to be an author, nor did I believe I had the patience for it. Most importantly, I never had a storyline.

Five years ago, that all changed. With a relentlessly gnawing and pervasive storyline in my head, I couldn't escape from writing. Now this storyline is one of my greatest passions in life.

This amazing story continues to fold and I have to struggle to keep up with it.

Being a lifelong underachiever and slacker, I'm the least likely person to pursue a career as an author and regardless what obstacles I face, I'll never give up, even at the possibility of going broke and becoming homeless once again.

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