Ryan Johnston

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters by Ryan Johnston
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About the Book

Have you ever wondered if the things you say really matter to the people you say them to?

Have you wondered if what you're writing is actually worth publishing?

Have you wondered if the message you're sending is getting through to anyone?

At some point, you've thought maybe the things you're trying to say don't really matter.

But they do.

Your Voice Matters is here to tell you how your voice matters and the impact your message could make on the world. Will you make your voice matter?

About the Author

Ryan is from rural Kansas. He graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelors in Agriculture.

After graduating, he realized that agriculture wasn't his passion. He began reading voraciously and found that there are already people doing great things in the world. We simply need to learn from them and begin doing the same.

Ryan writes about taking personal responsibility for your life and making it how you want it to be. Not accepting the status quo, but going after the life you had imagined by creating it as you go. He believes that by being the examples we want in the world, we can change the world around us.

Ryan lives with his wife and three kids in rural Kansas.

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