Sharon Pope

Why Can't I Get Over Him? Exposing the Lies that Keep Us Stuck in Pain after a Broken Heart

Why Can't I Get Over Him? Exposing the Lies that Keep Us Stuck in Pain after a Broken Heart by Sharon Pope
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nonfiction Self-Improvement
For readers of:Elizabeth Gilbert, Glennon Doyle Melton, Esther Perel, Gary Chapman, Esther Hicks
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Print Length105 pages
PublisherDifference Press
Publication DateJanuary 2016
About the Book

When love is lost, it can leave us absolutely shattered.

When we’re in that pit of pain, we don’t know how we’ll ever get over him or get out alive.

We don’t know how we’ll ever move on and we certainly can’t see our way to ever finding a love like that again.

We think the answer is to get him back. That would solve everything. That would make the pain go away. That would fix the gaping hole in our heart. That would make us feel wanted and worthy again. That would make all the pain we’ve endured somehow worth it.

But what if we can’t get him back? What if that’s not an option? Then we have to find some way to get over him, because staying in this pain isn’t an option.

Lots of things can keep us stuck in the pain: our patterns, the stories we carry about why this happened to us, and our fearful thoughts and beliefs. And it’s once we can see the deeper truth about those things that can keep us stuck that we are actually freed.

Soulful Truth Telling will lead you gently through that process.

Soulful Truth Telling will guide you through the darkness of deep heartbreak.

Soulful Truth Telling will bring you out the other side, where the sharp edges of your pain are not only softer, but where you find yourself believing in love again.

About the Author

Sharon Pope is a certified Martha Beck Master Life Coach, six-time international best-selling author, and speaker. She is committed to helping women end the struggle in their most important and intimate relationships, knowing whether they should stay or go in a painful marriage and healing from heartbreak when a relationship ends.

Sharon is author of several international best-selling books:

· Why is Love so Hard to Find?, for women who want a soulful, deep, and lasting love in their lives.

· Am I in the Wrong Marriage?, for women who are trying to determine if they should stay and recommit to their marriage or lovingly release it.

· Why Can’t I Get Over Him?, for women struggling with moving on after a painful breakup or divorce.

· I Know It’s Over. Now What?, for women who know their marriage is over, but don’t know what to do next.

· Why Isn’t This Enough?, for women whose marriage and life from the outside looks picture-perfect, but inside feels empty and alone.

Sharon is also the author of the memoir, Life, Love, Lies & Lessons: A Journey through Truth to Find an Authentic Life. She has been published dozens of times in various online publications.

She received her undergraduate education from Ohio University, and an MBA from Ashland University. Prior to coaching, Sharon was in corporate marketing for nearly twenty years.

Sharon lives in downtown Columbus, Ohio, with the love of her life, best friend, husband, and spiritual partner, Derrick.

Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.

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