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Shadowmark by Tiffany M. Catron
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fiction Fantasy, Suspense
For readers of:J.K. Rowling, Hugh Howey, John Green, Jane Austen
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PublisherAntimatter Books
Publication DateJune 2, 2016
About the Book

“Don’t trust anyone. Not even me.”

Mina Surrey is pretty ordinary. Bookish, educated, intelligent, but ordinary. She has her life planned out--finish school, write, teach. She works hard, lives quietly. But the one thing all her reading doesn't prepare her for is now the lesson she needs most: how to survive an alien apocalypse.

By the time Mina meets Doyle, she's tired, scared, starving, and broken. When he saves her, she's angry. But the mysterious man standing in front of her has a secret.

And the more Mina learns to trust him, the more she realizes this is the worst thing she can do.

Shadowmark is an action-packed thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. With sweeping vistas, characters you can't help but love, and page-turning mystery, Shadowmark is a book for Jane Austen fans and sci-fi lovers alike. If you like stories where you don't know who to trust, or who's on what side, then this one is for you!

About the Author

T.M. Catron is an author and teacher who lives in Tennessee with her husband, son, and three spoiled dogs. She often writes about strong female characters, in stories that seldom stay within the confines of just one genre.

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