Sean Andre

Roswell High

Roswell High by Sean Andre
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner, Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich, Gene Roddenberry
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PublisherWFTP Radio Network
Publication DateUnknown
About the Book

The Roswell High Audiobook Series Is Our Own Take On The Paperback Book Series Of The Same Name Written By Melinda Metz. Complete With Background Music And Sound Effects Provided By The WFTP Radio Network, Unique Characters, And That Feeling That Your Are Actually A Part Of The Story While Listening To It.

About the Author

Sean Andre is a FORMER DJ with The WFTP Radio Network. An Internet Radio Station that met it's demise back in 2017, and also publishers and distributors of the best home made free audiobooks on the Internet, with popular series including Roswell The Final Chapter, Star Trek Starship Righteous, and our most recently growing and successful series Stargate Temporal Core.

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