Zephan Blaxberg

For fans of:Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Hyatt, Timothy Ferriss

Zephan Moses Blaxberg is the founder and host of the iTunes "New & Noteworthy" acclaimed Year Of Purpose Podcast where he interviews motivators and inspirational humans from all over the world who are living life on their own terms.

He is one of the top authorities and mentors to those who are tired of living a mediocre life.

Zephan has held every job in the book from pastry chef to working at the Apple Store Genius Bar. He even founded a highly successful video production company landing him opportunities in the White House and on set for a Netflix Original Series. His videos can be seen in football stadiums and on major TV stations across the United States.

After realizing that there was more to life than settling for the script that had been handed down to him, he took a two month hiatus from life to couch-surf and travel hack his way around the country. When he got back the Year Of Purpose Podcast was born. Since then he has dedicated his life to empowering others to discover what makes them tick and how they can lead a Life Re-Scripted.

Zephan now mentors his peers to discover their purpose in less time so that they can live the dream life they've always wanted.