For fans of:Daughter, Regina Spektor, Christina Perri, The Cranberries, Imogen Heap

Soaring falsettos. Ghostly, enchanting harmonies. A raspy belt like the crack of lightning bolts. Wonder is a chainsaw love song. She is the after party on a work night. She is an unapologetic kiss when you said you shouldn't. She is the musician whose personality and music looks into you and does not blink. No... It likes what it sees and is hungry for more. Wonder's original songs weave starry-eyed stories of travel, enamor, disillusionment, tentative hope, and lost chances. She writes honestly with severe poetry, achieving excellence while never seeming pretentious. In selections of covers--Tracy Chapman, Heart, Billy Idol, Alanis, the Killers, Amy Winehouse--Wonder is heartfelt and original in the delivery, while staying desperately true to the original artistry and intent. Even overplayed top 40 anthems feel authentic in this singer-songwriter's humble hands.

Like all of us, Wonder is a bold and powerful exterior crying out desperately to make a connection--but unlike the rest of us, the ferocity of those demands can't be ignored. It is music that will speak to your soul. You just have to be willing to listen.