Acid Dreamz

For fans of:Psykovsky, Kindadza, Ocelot, Alien Mental, The Nommos
Back in 2002, Acid Dreamz aka Naved lay entwined in tones of black and white, all ears for different genres of music. Then one night, his ear drums nudged to the hypnotic effect of psychedelic sounds. He smiled as he saw colors none else could see. His search was over.That very second, he knew he had woken up, to his calling. And thus began his journey, into the psychedelic world. After frequenting a number of psychedelic gigs, his knowledge of the cosmos only grew by leaps and bounds. In 2007, he started playing in big music fests.“For me, the most important thing has always been to bring happiness to the crowd,” he relates.“I would rather play for a singly full on person, than some 2000 clueless people!” Psychedelic music approaches a chosen few; who are in search, of excellence, quality and high-end artistry. “Psy for me, is more passion than profession!”, he prides over. A Sound Designer for Games by day and a Psy Artist by night,he is by far, the most knowledgeable.