American Folklore

For fans of:John Prine, Beck, Townes Van Zandt

American Folklore started as a politically-inspired music project by Corey Crawford down the road from George W. Bush’s ranch outside Waco Texas in 2003. After amassing a cult following in excess of 30,000 fans on Myspace and garnering attention from both major and independent labels, Crawford decided to self release a debut album in 2008. Shelving the project shortly thereafter, Crawford spent several years in Gothenburg, Sweden and then Williamsburg, Brooklyn working on various projects before moving back to Texas to refocus on American Folklore.

American Folklore’s most recent project, Jeck Beff, is a series of ongoing collaborations with artists including Killer Acid, Wizard Skull, Tallboy, Chris Uphues, Bosssdog, Frank Ape, Gorgeous George, Dreaming of Johnny, Defenders of Good Times, and Burrito Breath.