Beki Hemingway

Denver, Colorado
For fans of:Neko Case, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Aimee Mann, Over the Rhine

Whins and Weather, the new CD by Beki Hemingway and her husband, guitarist, and co-writer Randy Kerkman covers a lot of ground--Americana, gospel, folk, and even a bit of old fashioned pop, woven together seamlessly on this, Beki’s sixth release.

Produced by Kerkman and Commitments guitarist Conor Brady in Dublin, Ireland, Whins and Weather documents songs written around the year in which the couple sold their home, quit their jobs, and committed to a renewed life of “music, travel, and service.”

Beki Hemingway made her debut performing for the neighborhood kids on top of garbage cans at the age of 5, proving that she can create a venue out of just about anything, so it stands to reason that she is equally comfortable in many settings, from the larger venues where she started her career as a backup singer to the coffeehouses, churches, and house concert settings that comprises most of her current tour schedule.

A singer/songwriter based in Dundalk, Ireland, with stops in Chicago, Nashville, and Denver along the way, it has been said that Beki writes and sings some of the “best songs you've never heard.” Her long and varied career has found her singing in several bands, including comical punk-rockers This Train, as well as singing live and studio backup vocals on everything from industrial to inspirational music.

Things really clicked when she started collaborating with Randy Kerkman in the late 1990’s, releasing 5 CDs on the Minneapolis-based indie Salt Lady Records, performing up to 150 shows per year, and sharing the stage with nationally and internationally acclaimed singer/songwriters such as Aimee Mann, Shawn Colvin, and Duke Special to name a few.

“Hemingway and Kerkman make a potent team on this blend of power pop and Americana.” --Broken Hearted Toy

After several years on hiatus living a "normal life" as a tour guide and Deputy Sheriff in Denver, Beki and Randy released a 6-song ep entitled I have big plans for the world and made the decision to return to a life of music, this time with service as part of the goal. They perform their house concerts largely on a donation basis, and last year, were able to participate in some great learning experiences and charity projects (Mexico & Romania), which are documented on their blog at

"Beki only has one gimmick - she writes great songs. Okay, two gimmicks - she also sings them beautifully." -Andre Salles,

"Chicago's answer to Sheryl Crow" -Chicago Daily Herald

"an artist to look out for" -Chicago Tribune

"songs of relentless faith and charming insight" - Prism Magazine

"a tough and tender rocker" - St. Paul Pioneer Press