Bringing Home

For fans of:Needtobreathe, Switchfoot, Third Day, Mumford and Sons

The purpose of the name, Bringing Home, is derived from Peter's words in I Peter, calling us strangers or aliens to this land. "Our eternal home is waiting for us and we are just passing though this world", says Amber. Heaven is a place were we will never know pain again, the loss of a loved one, or the hurt of a broken heart. It is a place that will forever contain hope and peace. These are qualities that, unfortunately, our world lacks. There is chaos on every corner and we weren't meant to live like this. "We are here to bring hope through Christ to those who have none", Amber goes on to say, "We are bringing the hope from our eternal home here to this world." Bringing Home's music expresses the honest truth of today's hopeless society. It brings fresh perspective to the Christian world view. Through God's blessing hand, Bringing Home fights to show the true love and hope of Christ to all.