Buffo's Wake


Carniphobia by Buffo's Wake
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For fans of:Gogol Bordello, Emir Kusturica, Tim Burton / Danny Elfman
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  1. Die Die Die
  2. Merrick
  3. Dead Mans Maggot
  4. Drunk Girls
  5. Dance of the Clowns
  6. Sold to the Circus
  7. Two Legged Gaunt Freak
  8. Skellington
  9. Korobieniki
  10. Oh Your Mother
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After 4 whirlwind years playing their own blend of 'high octane gypsy carnival madness' all over Europe and the UK, establishing an ever growing reputation as one of Englands ‘must see’ live acts, Brighton band Buffo’s Wake decided to record a selection of songs that eventually became their debut album Carniphobia.

The album perfectly summarises their schizophrenic energy, and over the course of its 11 songs flirts round the edges of punk rock, folk, swing jazz, Balkan brass bands, cabaret, skiffle, klezmer and many other different styles, whilst still retaining something wholly unique to their sound. The release of the album coincided with a mammoth 50 date UK and Ireland tour between October and December 2015 - followed one month later with their 5th European tour - an 18 show run through 9 different countries.

Buffo’s Wake is the result of 6 very different individuals tugging the sound in opposite directions, with influences as varied as Nick Cave to System of a Down, from Abba to Goran Bregovic, to Crass and Chopin; Buffo’s Wake wear their musical influences openly on their sequined sleeves.

Carniphobia itself nods to Russian folk traditionals, Disney soundtracks, classic horror film scores and the gothic imagery of Tim Burton.

Recorded in an array of bedrooms and studios (and everywhere in between), Buffo’s Wake decided not to use any synthesized electronic instruments on their songs, instead opting for entirely acoustic instruments, effects and atmospherics, created using singing saws, wine glasses, old rusty pipes, handmade percussion instruments and anything else they could get their grubby little paws on.

The result is the haunting sound of an abandoned fairground that flows throughout the album, inspiring the title Carniphobia.



Recorded by Nick Howiantz at Sussex University.

Overdubs by Tom Bailey.

Mixed and mastered by James Billinge at Balanced Audio.


Artwork designed by Rachel Nicholls, Andy Hansen and Felicia Forsell of Small Type Design.

All songs written and arranged by Buffos Wake, except track 10 which is a traditional Russian folk song based on a poem by Nikolay Nekrasov. Arranged by Buffos Wake.

Lead vocals by Nathan Carter.

Violins by Becca wright.

Acoustic guitars by Jack E.

Accordions by Vita Sunter and Mike Milner.

Double bass by Tom Bailey.

Drums by Daryl Roddick.

Electric guitars by Daryl Roddick, Jack E. and Tom Bailey.

Backing vocals by Nathan Carter, Tom Bailey, Jack E., Mike Milner, Darly Roddick, Cleo Dibb and Bryony Devitt.

Percussion, Cimbala, Xylophone, Glockenspiels, Wine glasses and Ebows by Tom Bailey.

Trumpet by Tommy Peach.

Saxophone and Clarinet by Elma Houghton.

Singing Saw by Felix Vandersluis.

Sousaphone by Alan Sokell.

Trombone by Sid Bailey.

Mandolin by Jim Gallagher.

Cellos and Hammond organ by Tom Bailey.

Banjos by Sam Salter.

Pianos by Sam Bailey.


For fans of:Gogol Bordello, Emir Kusturica, Tim Burton / Danny Elfman
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