Make Us One

Make Us One by CharlieD
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For fans of:iBethel, Jesus Culture, Eddie James, Rick Pino, Hillsong, Planet Shakers, Catherine Mullins, Misty Edwards, Jason Upton
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  1. Make Us One - 09-22-2013.mp3
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[Single released 9/22/13]

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On September 10, I received a prophetic word through an email list I subscribe to. I was already working on an effort to unify the Body of Christ globally so this message really resonated with me. As I prayed over the word and reread it the next few days, I knew there was a prophetic song that was brewing just below the surface. What you will find below is the prophetic word, as well as the words to the song that came forth:

Prophetic Word:


5:00 AM on Monday 9-2-13

I was awakened early today with the Lord speaking to me about rainfall, rising rivers, merging streams and many tributaries.

For our State [North Carolina], I am taking notice of how the Lord has watered us and caused the river to rise. He has sent heavy rain and rain in abundance.

What I am hearing this morning is the rain is collecting and streams are forming. One stream will meet another and they merge together. The two streams meet at a confluence. A river grows larger as it collects water from more tributaries.

What the Lord focused me in on was the word confluence and merging tributaries. When each small stream (tributary) comes together(merges) the river grows! Our river is rising physically in the natural) and spiritually....Believing that our gathering this year will be confluent, keeping the river rising and the current strong.

AND this year watch the springs....There is another place where rivers rise up: from springs. Where groundwater seeps up onto the surface, it may form a lake or pool or it may start running downhill right away, but one way or another, it is a river's beginning. In lower places where there are no mountain peaks covered with snow, rivers often begin this way, springing up--well, from springs!

Confluence: 1 a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point 2 a : the flowing together of two or more streams b : the place of meeting of two streams c : the combined stream formed by conjunction



Rainfall, rising rivers, merging streams, fountains and springs Run together, flow together, unity, one with me

Water us, Lord, with the rain of Your presence, come fill our lives with Your glory Rain down Your fire, fire from Your altar, burn in us, come make us holy Purify hearts, deep on the inside, wash over us, make us like You Fill us with fire, to stand in Your presence, burn away all that’s not of You

We are Yours, we belong to You, We’re called by Your name, make us one with You United we stand, we have made our choice, lifting one song, lifting one voice, We are Yours, we belong to You, we’re called by Your name, make us one with You


Vocals: CharlieD, FelixH, MelissaR, CristinaT, HeidiW Keyboard: CharlieD Acoustic Guitar: JoeW Bass Guitar: HeidiW Electric Guitar: MicahD Drums: StevensonH Sound: TomT

For fans of:iBethel, Jesus Culture, Eddie James, Rick Pino, Hillsong, Planet Shakers, Catherine Mullins, Misty Edwards, Jason Upton
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