For fans of:Rachael Yamagata, Coldplay, OneRepublic, Asgeir

An eclectic blend of earnest melodies and evocative lyrics, DEON's music is an enduring collection of heartfelt songcraft that calls to mind the Pop Rock brilliance of Coldplay and the heartburnt drawl of Rachael Yamagata.

After spending years honing his craft touring the Singapore music circuit, DEON was recently invited to perform at the Canadian Music Week 2013 and 2014 and International Pop Overthrow 2014 (UK)- where he realised his dream of bringing his songs to audiences across the globe. The experience of touring Canada and the UK shed upon him a newfound sense of clarity, conviction, and passion for music. He reckoned, "this is the first taste of the beginning".

But really, it has been a steady rush of blood to the head since LETTERS, a self-produced demo that made rounds about the local scene, garnering him nods of approval from the local blogosphere. DEON went from strength to strength, releasing his debut album ANTIPHOBIC, which garnered him a 4/5 star review by TODAY newspaper. He has performed at such stages as Music Matters 2013, the NOISE Singapore showcase and Baybeats 2014. Then, by what must been happenstance, he recently opened for Rachael Yamagata, whose smoky records he has unabashedly sworn by all his life.

It was only at Berklee College of Music that he would discover his voice, whilst performing vocal duties for Afro-Brazilian collective Batukaxe. Despite the drums being his principal instrument, it was chance meetings with musicians such as John Mayer, Dennis Kramer (Aerosmith), Matt Hales (Aqualung), that inspired him towards creating music he could call his own. Already penning songs for what was to become LETTERS, DEON gave up a spot on the Berklee Dean's list, and decided Singapore was where he would begin telling his stories from.

Setting strong melodies against as an ever-widening sonic palette, DEON is currently exploring new shades of influences not apparent in ANTIPHOBIC - his ability to play multiple instruments has given him a keen sense of song arrangement that he continues to expand upon as he lays down the blueprints for his sound.