Fat Tony & Tom Cruz

Daytrotter Session - Jun 11, 2012

Jun 11, 2012 Good Danny's Austin, TX by Fat Tony & Tom Cruz
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Porch Sittin'
  3. Goldeneye
  4. Denim Guinness Boys
  5. Double Dragon
The way that Fat Tony and Tom Cruz see it is the way that we should all get to see it for a day and some change, at the very least. We should all be entitled to feeling as if we were the greatest looking and most impressively performing man that has ever lived - or, as a minor consolation, that it currently living. We should get to feel that inner glow that must come from feeling so confident in what you do professionally and sexually. It's a glow that Fat Tony, or Houston rapper Anthony Obi, feels in a very pronounced way.

It's nothing new for rappers to boast about their sexual prowess, but Fat Tony and Tom Cruz seem to do it in an everyman kind of way that makes it feel like all us lesser folks are able to identify with their more hoes than they know what to do with lifestyles. Their nights aren't filled with (or portended to be filled with) the most expensive liquors known to man, but rather Guinness beer. Somehow, these guys have miraculously found that a good, thick, meal-like beer and wearing denim, Cosby sweaters or a combination of the kinds of clothing and shoes that were popular back in the 1980s, back when they were kids, could be so great for their pick-up game. These guys have figured out how to still obtain a harem of willing ladies without needing to get too spendy with them.

Their album, "Double Dragon," which does feature plenty of samples from some of those classic 1990s arcade games, is a document of young dudes, with insatiable sexual appetites, happily banging through the ladies in the bars and programmed into their iPhone contact list. It's a never-ending story of two people finding themselves naked and in a bed that turns into a sequel featuring those two people and all of her friends also visiting that same bed, naked at some point during the same day or weekend. The story doesn't get tired as the braggart's anthem here is one that feels about how it could be for an enterprising young fellow with exceptional stamina and a willingness to succeed. As Will Oldham said in an interview recently, "I think about sex a lot - I'm sure lots of people do - so why not sing about it? These things are inescapable, so let's sing about them."