Five Eight

For fans of:Husker Du, REM, Guided By Voices, Centromatic, Superchunk

It is often said that the while the Velvet Underground did not sell a lot of records, everyone who bought one went on to start a band. Like the Velvet Undergound, Five-Eight ALSO didn’t sell a lot of records.

Five Eight is a four piece rock band from Athens, GA, though sometimes they were a three piece and sometimes as many as five people on-stage, depending on the weather and people’s medications.

Since February 2016 the band has been back in the studio and is near completion on its new album, tentatively entitled “Songs for Saint Jude.” (Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and also figures prominently in the prayers and iconography of Dunn’s hometown of New Orleans.) They are working with producer and Athens based drummer Mike Albanese (Bit Brigade, Maserati, Cinemechanica) and expect an early 2017 release. The band is also working with Atlanta GA based filmmaker Marc Pilvinsky on a full-length documentary of their now 27-year career as one of the world’s least famous (but extremely popular to those in the know) accidental cult bands to ever come out of Athens GA.