Friends And Fans of The Choir

Pants on Fire - A Tribute to The Choir Vol. 2

Pants on Fire - A Tribute to The Choir Vol. 2 by Friends And Fans of The Choir
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AlternativeFolk Rock
For fans of:The Choir, Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong, The Lost Dogs
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  1. A Moment In Time - Deni Gauthier
  2. Goodbye to Neverland - Ojo Taylor
  3. To Rescue Me - unless you crave danger
  4. We All Know - Amanda Schmeichel
  5. Shiny Floor - Aardvark Lounge
  6. Fine Fun Time - Goodnight Elise
  7. Laughter Of Heaven - Leper
  8. Sunny - Kit Bovett
  9. Nobody Gets A Smooth Ride - Steven Wesley Guiles
  10. I Don't Mean Any Harm - Hostage
  11. Flowing Over Me - Religious Burp
  12. What You Think I Am - The Double Downbeats
  13. We Give We Take - Harry Gore
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Produced and Coordinated by B. Frazier

Mastered by Deni Gauthier

Bruce Neher mastered "To Rescue Me."

Album artwork by Deni Gauthier


With the release of volume two, we bring this project to a close, at least temporarily. Two songs will be added in the coming couple of months. German band, “Sea+Air” and music writer and musician, Jeff Elbel, will give this project a beautiful postscript. I love this album. It begins with a beautiful version of "A Moment in Time" by Deni Gauthier and ends with a soul-rockin' "We Give We Take" by the talented musical veteran, Harry Gore, with lots of great cuts in between.


This has been a labor of love and a joy to be a part of. Like the first volume, this album is made up of pro and semi-pro musicians, those that play for fun/hobby, and those that sing and play as a form of worship. What a great tapestry they have created with their talents. I could not thank the contributing artists enough. They played and sang for free, and in many cases, actually paid for studio time and other expenses. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.


Special thanks to my Canadian brother, Deni Gauthier. I just love this guy. His artwork for this volume is SO cool and his version of “A Moment in Time” is a real gem. On top of that, he mastered upwards of 25 songs for both project, and did it for free. He is a generous soul indeed.


And finally, to Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty, Dan Michaels, Tim Chandler (as well as Marc Byrd and Robin Spurs), your friends and fans give this as a heartfelt “thank you” for the decades of friendship, musical pleasure and pondering. We all hope you know that we greatly appreciate you. These songs are our best effort to express that.


The Choir are currently working on a brand new studio album! Check for updates!!!


All songs written by Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong. Used by exclusive and limited permission.


1. "A Moment in Time." Deni Gauthier ( Vocals and all instruments performed and recorded by Deni Gauthier.

2. "Goodbye to Neverland." Ojo Taylor ( Vocals and all instruments performed and recorded by Ojo Taylor.

3. "To Rescue Me." unless you crave danger ( All instruments played and recorded by Matt Bovett.

4. "We All Know." Amanda Schmeichel. Vocals and guitar by Amanda Schmeichel. Bass, drums, keys were played by Alex Ortberg. Mixed by Alex Ortberg.

5. "Shiny Floor." Jason Hoffman. Vocals and instruments performed and recorded by Jason Hoffman.

6. "Fine Fun Time." Goodnight Elise. Dusty Hughes played guitar, drums, vocals, percussion. Sara Hughes played bass and and sang bgvs.

7. "Laughter of Heaven." Leper. Skot Shaw: vocal, guitar, drum machine. Jennifer Mercy: vocals.

Justin Filizola: synthesizers. Otto Jenson: bass. Colleen Davick: flute, percussion. Recorded by Skot Shaw at "The Crypt" home studio, Chicago.

8. "Sunny." Kit Bovett. Vocals and all instruments by Kit Bovett.

9. "Nobody Gets a Smooth Ride." Steven Wesley Guiles ( Arrangement, vocals, mixing by Steven Wesley Guiles. Jeff Elbel - bass. Recorded and mixed at John Cash Studio in San Dimas, CA.

10. "I Don't Mean Any Harm." Hostage. Vocals and all instruments performed and recorded by Adam Barnett.

11. "Flowing Over Me." Religious Burp. Vocals and all instruments by Steven Benbow. Steve Hindalong - spoken word sample. Additional sample from "My Imaginary Friend" by Clouds Echo In Blue by Derri Daugherty.

12. "What You Think I Am." Double Downbeats. All instruments and vocals performed and recorded by by Lloyd Floyd.

13. "We Give We Take." Harry Gore. ( Lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitars - Harry Gore. Drums - Kevin Germer. Bass - Tripper Christie. Recorded and mixed by Tripper Christie at Bloom Bloom Studios Richmond,Va. October 2 2017.

AlternativeFolk Rock
For fans of:The Choir, Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong, The Lost Dogs
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