For fans of:Florence + the Machine, Chvrches, Purity Ring

Hey everyone, we're Glitterbitch.

Now, we could bore you with a backstory about how we're from NYC but we all met in Sweden studying cryptozoology, then decamped to a villa in the south of France to record our debut album above. We could also tell you that Ralph plays guitar and can shred so hard that glass breaks, or that Andrea sings swans and puppies to sleep as her day job. We could tell you that Chris plays bass and can eat three Chipotle burritos in a row, or that we all sleep in a triple bunk bed to save money on rent. Maybe it'd be cool if we said that we were in a cocaine-fueled love triangle and that our songs were about us back stabbing the others as bitter ex-lovers. We could even say that Ralph and Chris are also in the band Boxed Wine. Now these would all make for a pretty interesting backstory to Glitterbitch, right? Yeah, we totally agree.

Or we could just say that we're good friends who like making music and call the New York area home. Our songs are meant to be dark and catchy, and we jokingly call it Apocalyptic Pop. That's all, so we hope you dig them and add a few to one of your dumb Spotify playlists. Enjoy!


Andrea Scanniello, Ralph Nicastro, and Chris Nova // Glitterbitch