For fans of:Feist, Sufjan Stevens, Jai Paul, James Blake, Beck

First, I made music in a project I called Happiest Lion. I was nostalgic for the magic and colors of kindergarten youth, which felt so long ago (though in retrospect, such a short amount of time passed between 6 and 16), and I wanted everyone to feel that sense of wonder that was still so poignant to me.

Then I was Caleb Groh- where I found myself looking in the opposite direction: I was growing up too fast. I was reinterpreting the country music I grew up on by cutting and pasting it as if it were a messy collage, which loosely resembled all the single images it used to comprise, but was ultimately it’s own thing. I lived in homage.

My mantra a few years ago was, “Embody Nothing”. I was afraid of sounding too much like any one thing. I had to be my very own, brand new thing. It turned out though, that by spending all my time running away, with nothing to run toward, I ended up lost.

Now the music is called Groh. I shed the religious first name- while keeping the one thing that I can’t run from- my last name- a symbol of my bloodline that runs back through time, on and on to the eve of man.

Now I know what I want to run toward. Art that is sincere and so human, that makes one feel euphoric, as if experiencing for the first time, a new scent or color.

In a time when there’s so much I want to create, I ask myself one question:

“Should I make it?”

The answer is:

“If it’s beautiful”