Jeromeo JJ

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Jerome Arab (born December 27, 1990) is a Zimbabwean rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and director. Jeromeo JJ first gained International recognition when his collaborated track “Party Up” with DJ Mark One was released in 2013, gaining over 112 000 views on YouTube, attracting more than 8 official remixes and several unofficial remixes, being played in nightclubs across the globe. This attained Jeromeo JJ number 10 most downloaded track in the world on Beatport. JJ has had several tracks in the top 100 Beatport tracks, holding this position for 7 days, and remaining in the top 100 releases for 19 days.

In May 2015, 2 more of Jeromeo JJ’s tracks were released internationally, “Midnight Lovin” by Jeromeo JJ ft Dirtybuzz and “My Love” by Jeromeo JJ, Kristof Tigran and Yan Garen off UI Records based in the Netherlands. “Turn on the Radio” which was released off Todd Terry’s label in the USA, on InHouse Sessions Ibiza 2015.

Currently Jeromeo JJ is filming his YouTube series "Building Rome" in which he shows snippets of his daily life, his "grind" to becoming and internationally recognised artist.