John Ludi

Mistakes Have Been Made

Mistakes Have Been Made by John Ludi
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For fans of:David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Cockburn, Midnight Oil
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  1. MHBM-01-Kings-The Depopulation Song
  2. MHBM-02-The Traveler
  3. MHBM-03-Wild is the Wind
  4. MHBM-04-Everybody Here's Getting Stupider
  5. MHBM-05-Frozen Souls
  6. MHBM-06-Go Along to Get Along
  7. MHBM-07-Goodbye Catbird
  8. MHBM-08-This Time
  9. MHBM-09-The Caretaker
  10. MHBM-10-Whisper in the Wind
  11. MHBM-11-Weightless Saint
  12. MHBM-12-Mistakes Have Been Made
  13. MHBM-13-Afterlife
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This is my new, and possibly final, album. I consider it the best work I've ever done and if I never
make another album I would be happy to say that it all ended on this
particular note.

Though I obviously have my own distinct sound
and musical identity, I would say that major inspirations during my
recording of this album would be David Bowie's Blackstar, Peter
Gabriel's UP and Kate Bush's least in terms of all of
those albums being eclectic studies in contrast and juxtaposition.
Like those albums, each song has its own set of feelings and meanings
and imagery...and I only hope that this album hits anywhere NEAR the
level of artistry of those works. My goal is always to take the
listener on a journey through dynamic peaks and valleys and leave
them feeling well-traveled by the end of the experience. I want the
experience to be impacting on deep emotional, intellectual and
spiritual levels, and not just be aural wallpaper to serve as a mere
backdrop.I hope I have accomplished that goal, and I hope
that people will take the time to actually LISTEN to this album...but
that DOES take a certain level of commitment and an actual interest
in music as art. If you have that, you may find this work
gratifying. Many have said that it takes a couple listens to “get”
what I do...and you may find that to be true as well.

I have made this album available on YouTube as a full album video with
lyrics for free listening (look up John Ludi on YouTube), as a free
download on Noisetrade, and as a paid
download on Bandcamp. I had planned on making
some videos for some of these songs and to roll it out in a more
commercial way, but given the times it seems wrong to me to do so.
Above all else, I would would like my work to be heard and
remembered. If something happens to me, I would like to know that
people listened to and enjoyed my work on some level.Some
have expressed an interest in a hard copy of this (and other) albums.
If Covid-19/Economic Implosion resolve themselves, I may press this
one. For now, for personal friends I will make CD-Rs and mail them
out when I can.


With the exception of Wild is the Wind, all titles are
written by John Ludi...who also sang, played,
engineered and produced the whole album with the
exception of percussion on Whisper in the Wind by
Mitchell Hopkins and background vocals (and comic
vocalizations) on Mistakes Have Been Made and
Everybody Here's Getting Stupider by Em Elle.

Wild is the Wind: By Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington
Copyright Patti Washington Music, Shapiro Bernstein o/b/o Catharine Hinen Music, and Chappell, and Co.

For fans of:David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Cockburn, Midnight Oil
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