Deliverance by Martens
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For fans of:Yanni, Phillip Glass, John Tesh
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  1. Padparadscha
  2. Kohinoor
  3. Waterfall
  4. Morning Glow
  5. Pulsar Star
  6. Neutrino
  7. Hades
  8. Swirls
  9. Stratosphere
  10. Here and Now
  11. Crossing Over
  12. Joshuas Dream
  13. Moon and Rain
  14. Hello
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Marten’s sets up his brand new full length 14 song Experimental CD with SC&J (Sunset Classics & Jazz). The avant-garde electronic experimental deep underground music artist Martens gets set to release his brand new full length CD with Sunset Classics (SC&J). Martens produced a sound oriented symphonic masterpiece that tells a story. The music by this uniquely styled musician brings Sunset songs that are made up with colorful sounds that are reminiscent of any sci-fi flick or music that has an adventure or magic carpet ride. The album is also based on ideas and concepts by a professor that has taught higher education throughout The Netherlands for many years. Deliverance is all instrumental CD with a cinematic and eclectic approach to creating a full length album that does tell a story.
For fans of:Yanni, Phillip Glass, John Tesh
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