Me and Boris the Bull

For fans of:Mellow Beatles, Folksy Floyd & Syd Barrett, Light R.E.M, Smiths, Decemberists

The murky subways of Boston brought forth Me and Boris the Bull.

Providing fresh, familiar sounds, a positive background landscape emerged. Originally a way to shed the fear of playing in public, the subways provided an incredible experience where competing against the roar of the trains and the herding of the masses only meant learning to project and weave within the scenario.

Despite performing with bands and friends around Boston for years, the online distribution of music, like, allows for a broader, more disparate audience to connect with the music I'm making.

As always, I thank you for your support and look forward to providing new music as it becomes available.

Best wishes ~ Mark (aka Me)

* special thanks to Slumbering, whose amazing vocals are featured on "Divorce Theme (Band Made of Years)" and without whose contribution, that song would have sucked. ;)