For fans of:Jessica Pratt, Sharon Van Etten, Valerie June, Laura Marling, Julie London

Nightingail is a solo project for Alicia Gail, born in Memphis, TN. After years of various roles in other bands, 2015 began with the right timing for her first recordings of a personal, wistful and earnest collection of songs.

With a nod to her earliest influences, Alicia Gail wrote with her mind on what made her fall in love with music. Growing up in the south, listening to her dad play the trumpet and watching him write arrangements for churches; it’s not surprising that gospel, blues and jazz were the beginning of her understanding music and its emotion.

The goal for Nightingail is to take your mind back to older ways of music and listening, writing and production, and let you forget where you are for a bit.

We hope you enjoy your time listening. We’re truly thankful for your support.