Owen Pye

For fans of:Death Cab for Cutie, Bleach, Copeland, Bright Eyes, Jon Foreman

I’m terrible at writing these things. I can never choose between 1st person or 3rd person…

HEADS,First person it is.

My name is Owen Pye. I grew up in small town Illinois near St. Louis, MO. As a teenager I began playing music with the neighbor kid. Eventually we became a band. I quit that band and joined another band. Then I quit that band and joined a better band. We wrote some of the most nostalgia inducing music from my teen years in Cat, Jump! Including a concept album, “Until the Beat Stops,” produced by frontman John Krane.

In 2005 I phased away from CJ to try my hand at solo songwriting and performing. That grew into 3 albums: “If That’s Cool With You,” “Owen Pye & The Sunday School Band,” and, “The Truth About Man.” A lot of hard work in that period including 400+ independently booked shows throughout the US. In 2012 I released a Christmas cover of “O Come All Ye Faithful” via “Slospeak Records Christmas Vol. 1.”

In 2015 a few guys from my church and I wrote and recorded an ep for our church called, “Rooted and Built Up In Him.”

Here in 2019, I’m living in Belleville, IL with my amazing wife and 3 kids. Professionally I am the Marketing Manager for a company called Rent One. I also serve as the campus worship leader for Cornerstone Christian Church O’Fallon IL campus.

I haven’t called it a hiatus. But some might. I’ve been working on new music for so long. I haven’t given up on the dream. The season is just a season.

Let’s grab a coffee and I can hear your story: hello@owenpye.com

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