Carmel, California
For fans of:The Strokes, Atlas Genius, Washed Out, Earnest, Float Fall

Rayger is an Indie-house artist that uses unique, unheard of instruments to portray times where he has felt strongly about issues in his life. At times the music becomes aggressive, but it is not only to amp the audience, it is to express Rayger's feelings and experiences. Rayger also uses soft, ice sounding piano riffs in his music to express his times of love and distress. When the audience is lost in the atmosphere of Rayger, they will find themselves thinking of thoughts they have never imagined they've been thinking, while rayging to the sounds of Rayger.

Influences include The Strokes, Atlas Genius, FM Belfast, Blink-182, The Holdup, Vampire Weekend, Young Science, Twin City, The Weekend, Blondfire, Float Fall, We Are Trees, Toro Y Moi, Washed Out, Best Coast, Earnest, Beach House, The Perishers, etc.

Thank you for all the love and support!