Sarah Duet

Guideposts (Single)

Guideposts (Single) by Sarah Duet
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For fans of:Penny and Sparrow, S.Carey, Joni Mitchell, Sandra McCracken
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  1. Guideposts

I certainly hope "Guideposts" will encourage you as it has me. I wrote the first draft of these lyrics years ago for a record that (sadly) didn't get finished. So the song got shelved. I originally wrote it for 2 friends who were going through tough seasons, but who I knew had so much life in them if they'd only let that come to the surface. However, when I stumbled across these lyrics in an old journal more recently, I was floored by how now they spoke so directly to me personally. It was like I'd been given a gift years ago that I thought certainly was for someone else, only to find later––in a very timely fashion––that it was indeed meant for me too. So, grateful, I crafted the old lyrics around a new melody, and what you hear today is that retuned version.

The words of "Guideposts" have been what I've needed to hear & what I've needed to sing in this season. They help me hope. They help me be fully present, here & now. They help me be grateful, and they help me stay brave. I so hope that they might do something like that for you...

Thanks for listening,



Everything you hear on "Guideposts" was played by me on my gear in my apartment. This is the first time I've made a totally solo recording...playing my own electric guitar, piano, percussion, mixing the tracks myself, doing my own watercolors for the album art, etc. While I 100% look forward to collaborating with my supremely talented friends in the near future, I felt it was important for this particular song to experiment and just see what I could come up with. This is a "guidepost" I'm putting up to "make note the way [I] take," if you will.

Copyright 2014, Sarah Duet

For fans of:Penny and Sparrow, S.Carey, Joni Mitchell, Sandra McCracken
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