Sarah Macintosh

For fans of:Bjork, Florence and The Machine, The Cure, Patrick Watson, Paper route

I sing. I write. I shape words around melodies and then I carry them out to others. I hold them before those others just before I throw my head back and let those melody wrapped words fly at them. Then I wait and I watch the sounds bounce back off of the faces before me and I know, our hearts beat the same. I have done this for years. Sometimes by myself and in the past with my previous band Chasing Furies. At various times I have even linked arms with people like Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, Brenton Brown, Tim Hughes, David Crowder, Vicky Beeching, and Matt Redman but the purpose was always the same, the handing out of songs. Here you go, maybe my words are your words but you don't have the way to dislodge them from your mouth. You can sing along with me...