For fans of:Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Adele, Sam Smith, Coldplay

From the age of 5, SHy grew up with a classical upbringing on piano, violin and vocals and a huge love for Disney music.

She started her professional music career at 22 in Tirol, Austria where she performed in ski resorts. As soon as she was established, SHy recorded her debut album VIVID in Austria, moved to London mid 2016 and has been working hard at the London music scene since - see her live at the Savoy on weekends! (For more dates and locations see her website).

In July (17) she recorded at iconic Abbey Road Studios, produced two singles the first of which is out on Sept 22nd '17. An epic Bond sounding song on human ambition called 'The End Game'.

If you can impact just one person with your music, then it is all worth it.