For fans of:Ben Howard, Of Monsters and Men, City and Colour, Jack Johnson, Mumford and Sons

Stel is a brother and sister duo based out of Victoria BC. With a sound similar to Ben Howard, Of Monsters and Men, and City and Colour, they capture both the attention and emotions of their listeners. Writing music that is honest and packed with originality is essential to both halves of the duo. Since beginning their career in music as Stel in 2015, they have toured across BC, AB, and SK, as well as recording their first EP titled “Think Aloud.” They recently won the "Play Song and Surf" competition hosted at Sugar Nightclub.

Both members of the duo have been songwriters from a young age. The stylistic range in songwriting produced by the duo, reflects the depth of musical understanding held by each as an individual. Through understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses they both possess, they have become a powerful and efficient songwriting team. They rarely go a day without writing something new, or reworking something they've written. Now only 18 and 19 years old, Sophia and Adam have become confident songwriters receiving praise from many accomplished artists in their community. Stel works regularly with a team of musicians who are also passionate about writing. This allows them to create complex instrumentation, and a dynamic live performance which supports the emotional depth of their songs. Attending one of their shows should give you the opportunity to be impacted by honest lyrics propelled by tangible emotion, and captured by stunning melodies layered with intricate harmonies. While Adam and Sophia both find their musical background in classical piano training, they have since primarily moved on to other instruments. Adam now plays guitar almost exclusively, and through blending classical guitar techniques, folk and blues ideology, and his own creativity, he has created his own unique style. Sophia prefers to experiment with a range of instruments, including drums, guitar, piano, and ukulele. In the spring of 2016 due to widespread support from their community, Stel was able to accomplish their dream of creating studio recordings of some of their original songs. By hosting a concert fundraiser they managed to raise $5000 in one night, which helped to fund the recording of their EP “Think Aloud.” They are now preparing to head back into studio to record several singles, which they hope to make available by June of 2017.