For fans of:Cult of Luna, Pelican, Godspeed you Black Emperor, Neurosis, Isis
STRAGE play a form of dark instrumental rock that is mostly slow and sludgy, heavy and loud, but there's also a lot of very soft ambient parts. Formed in April 2011 by Brandon van Eeden (ex Crossingpoint), Jono Harrison (ex Monkey Slutz) and Matt Bedford (Paige of State) their first shows drew raving reviews and much excitement over teaser tracks made available online. Having played with Coals of Juniper and Isochronous each show seems to draw more and more anticipation for the next one. STRAGE don't play very often, but when they do their shows are a must see, hear and feel. Their debut release is entitled "The fire in hell never goes out", an EP of 5 songs clocking in at 33mins. This will be available from their Facebook page for free download on 24 February as well as in physical form for collectors as a limited edition digipak.