Tam Tam

For fans of:Mc Lyte, The Beholder, God

Dj Ro had the opportunity to catch up with rated next artist Tam Tam to discuss her upcoming projects. Please see below to read up on the exclusive.

1. What inspired you to want to be an artist?

(TAM) My brother Malcolm Gopher had a record company called Lavish Records that Brandy & Ray J brother “C-Dove” was signed to and he would take me to his studio sessions and I would watch his artist record & it was so intriguing to me. My brother taught me the game with publishing & promotions. When I saw Kriss Kross, TLC, MC Lyte, Salt-N-Peppa, Da Brat & Queen Latifah doing their thing from that very moment I knew that was my calling.

(Beholder) When I first heard music, listening to old school and R&B.

2. Who is your biggest inspiration?

(TAM) My biggest inspiration is my mother. My mom made it happen as a single parent and reached a lucrative level working two & sometimes three jobs to make sure my brother & I had everything we needed. I don’t place artists on a pedestal. Although there are artist’s that I respect like MC Lyte & The Beholder. Lyte did not compromise who she is for fame or money. That’s real to me.

(Beholder) My biggest inspiration is God, my mom, wife and TAM.

3. Where were you born and raised?

(TAM) I was born & raised in Huntsville, AL; the home of the Rocket City, Terry Heights.

(Beholder) Huntsville, Alabama (Southwest) side.

4. What has been your biggest fear coming into the music industry?

(TAM) Making sure I keep myself surrounded with the right people, the right team; I don’t like to see people I love change up on me.

(Beholder) Not being noticed for what I have achieved and done with my music.

5. If there was one person in the industry who you could shadow, who would it be and why?

(TAM) I’ll never shadow anyone, however if compared to someone, I would rather be compared to someone of respect like MC Lyte.

(Beholder) Scarface because he speaks with truth, HUMBLENESS and hard times.

6. What do you feel the music industry is lacking?

(TAM) The industry is lacking music that reaches the youth in a positive way & uplifts.

(Beholder) Reality and raw content and most of all just being yourself.

7. Tell me about your latest single?

(TAM) “Walk Away” is a record produced by 2x platinum producer LST. The Beholder & I are sharing our life experiences & letting it be known that the choices you make can & will affect you. When you know better, you do better. We struggled to get where we are with dealing with so called friends, relatives & haters.

(Beholder) The single is called "Walk Away" and it's about our hardships and struggles, but realizing that it's never too late to change your path in life.

8. Any upcoming projects?

(TAM) BB2 the Mix tape is currently available by Bricksquad/Hoodrich DJ Ace. My EP Screw Love is on the way. We have a lot of material out. Tap into the music & experience a journey like no other. It’s not the usual.

(Beholder) We're deciding on that later, right now we are focused on getting where we need to be mentally and physically.

9. What area do you feel you should market more?

(TAM) I would say overseas. The USA is rocking with us heavy.

(Beholder) There's no certain market for good music, it finds those that listen.

10.How did you come up with this single/project?

Any inspirations?

(TAM) Platinum producer LST sent us the track & it was all live music. Something I had never heard on that level before. The only thing missing was the vocals. The Beholder & I wrote the song according to how the track made us feel emotionally. My family, my team, my supporters is where I pull my inspiration from.

(Beholder) We were looking for something different, hot, and positive but street for the radio and people to relate too.

11. What does your stage name mean?

(TAM) TAM, Hot Tamala means Truth Atha Mic=TAM.

(Beholder) My name" Beholder" means I've seen the streets, death, prison time, broke, no friends or family but I still kept going! I hold every sin or good deed to HEART!" In the eyes of the Beholder"!

12. Have you done any shows in the past and do you have any recent shows or tours coming up?

(TAM) We perform year round. It’s too many shows to list like Frankie Beverly & Maze, Charlie Wilson, Sir Charles, Mystikal, No Limit and the list goes on. The Walk Away tour starts in April.

(Beholder) YES, we are scheduled for Atlanta GA, April 6th-9th. That will be the beginning of the "Walk Away" tour.

13. How do you describe your music to people?

(TAM) I can’t be boxed in so you will never know what you will get. Truthfully Raw, Lyrical, Reality, Poetic, Inspirational, and relatable.

(Beholder) It is Street, True, Hardcore, Humble and Strong.

14. How would you define the word “success”?

(TAM) Being blessed to wake up everyday & do what I love to do and send my son to the best schools, keeping my bills paid, and helping others.

(Beholder) Success is being happy for what you accomplish in life.

15. Are you looking for an independent label deal or major label deal? (Why)

(TAM) I’d rather remain independent because I can release my music when I want to and the type of content I want to and keep all of my money.

(Beholder) Right now that isn't our goal at this moment.

16. Have you created a career, marketing, or business plan?

(TAM) We have a marketing company called BiCatalyst that handles all of our business affairs and branding.

(Beholder) Yes, it's still unfolding as we speak!