Tangled Memories

Untwist My Hands

Untwist My Hands by Tangled Memories
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ElectronicTrip Hop
For fans of:Bibio, Atlas Sound, Baths, Blonde Redhead, Hood
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  1. selfdestructive tendencies
  2. without you
  3. for the damaged
  4. and lust with another
  5. horrible similarity
  6. shared projections
  7. be here, now
  8. never came close
  9. you're the reason
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"I've said it before, I'll say it again.. sometimes (only sometimes) I think it's unfortunate how many Electronic composers are out there today.. There are just too many overlooked talents out there! Had Tangled Memories originally surfaced around the mid-late 90's Trip Hop/Electronic music boom I think it could have been one of THE standouts and possibly gained the audience it deserves. Since I first came across Tangled Memories (only a couple months ago) I've had all of Garett's (TM) work on repeat (seriously, check it.). Tangled Memories is a paradisal consolidation of Romantic-Gothc/Moody Witch House with ghostly-hazy Trip Hop, and Dark-Ambient Electronic effervescence."

"Tangled Memories released 02 March 2013 'Untwist My Hands' (Premiering on EIC!) is one of the best releases of the year no-doubt.. Fog covered Electronics are "meshing/forming one with" gorgeous Classical elements (both the instrumental and vocal variety) which are of course skewed and Dragged out, familiar sounding/catchy beats (or loops) are laid out on top to give the listener a sense of narration, and then there's the vocals (which are either sample-based or recorded/distorted); possibly the most beautiful element in this masterpiece. To put it bluntly, 'Untwist My Hands' is near-perfect from beginning to end. Not one track feels out of place, the tone maintains a certain standard, and the music is really damn awesome. I can't think of one reason why you aren't liustening to Tangled Memories right now."

- Raymond Collins from EIC



ElectronicTrip Hop
For fans of:Bibio, Atlas Sound, Baths, Blonde Redhead, Hood
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