For fans of:Derek Minor, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, Eminem, Lecrae
He looks like that one guy you see at the gas station filling up his ‘93 green cougar or that one guy you see walking through the suburbs with cargo shorts and new balances on. Maybe he’s that one guy sitting in the break room at work with headphones and a notepad. B.C. is that one guy you see every week in the checkout lane with an apron and khakis. Don’t let the image fool you. Behind that one guy is something that the music industry is in dire need of: raw talent & heart. B.C. has already been compared to many of the greatest MC’s of hip hop and he’s just getting started. He’s just a white kid from Nashville, TN spittin’ like a Brooklyn veteran. He makes soulful punch line packed music & touches on real life issues catered to Everyday People. His belief in A Higher Being bleeds through the lyrics of his songs as he speaks to all walks of life. B.C.’s vision is to simply make great music and write his experiences into songs. He’s not a back-pack mc, a thug, or any other stereotypical hip hop rapper. He’s just a real dude … you know … That One Guy … B.C.