The B-52's

Nov 7, 1980 Capitol Theatre Passaic, NJ

Nov 7, 1980 Capitol Theatre Passaic, NJ by The B-52's
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  1. Intro Music
  2. Lava
  3. Give Me Back My Man
  4. 6060-842
  5. Devil In My Car
  6. 52 Girls
  7. Quiche Lorraine
  8. Dirty Back Road
  9. Private Idaho
  10. Strobe Light
  11. Runnin' Around
  12. Rock Lobster
  13. Dance This Mess Around
  14. Planet Claire
  15. Party Out Of Bounds
  16. Downtown
  17. 53 Miles West Of Venus
This is a terrific document of the group shortly after the 2nd album release. They play the 2nd album in it's entirety as well as most of the first album. It's b&w, but well lit, good audio and every second of it is here. The original lineup (they look so young!) bursting with creativity on their first tour as headliners.