The Weatherman

Cruisin' Alaska

Cruisin' Alaska by The Weatherman
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For fans of:The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson
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  1. About Harmony
  2. The Meaning Of Soul
  3. I Sustain
  4. If You Only Have One Wish
  5. Looking For Guarantees
  6. Intermission (Lead Me Out)
  7. People Get Lazy
  8. Keep Up The Good Vibes
  9. Cosmic Life
  10. One Of Us Is The Observer
  11. Down To The Bits
  12. In Front Of Me
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“I say that The Beatles are mutants. Prototypes of evolutionary agents sent by God, carriers of a mysterious power to create a new human race, a race of free men who laugh constantly.”?- Timothy Leary, somewhere in the crazy 60’s??50 years later, the world is still grey shaded. Wars have different names, and the libertines and naive dreams of a decade have been diluted on the obsolete and responsible appearances of the adulthood. The Weatherman lives in a world in which The Beatles and The Beach Boys melodies are still an inexhaustible source of inspiration – a colorful world, painted from distant Vila Nova de Gaia, where he lives.?? At six years of age, Alexandre is admitted into a local music school’s singing choir, and the taste for melodies became a part of his life. Some years later, he would discover The Beatles, John Lennon, The Beach Boys and Abba in his father’s record collection and started writing songs.??“ Cruisin’ Alaska” is the absolute debut of Alexandre Monteiro (The Weatherman) and reflects his obsession for the timeless power of a good melody. The album looks behind for inspiration, but doesn’t sound dated. All the instruments were recorded by the artist and many songs were taped at first take. Despite that, the record reveals an almost orchestral side, reminiscent of The Beach Boys and other names from the sixties, reviewed under the light of contemporary indie-pop and other languages such as funk.


all music written and performed by ALEXANDRE MONTEIRO produced by PEDRO CHAMORRA and ALEXANDRE MONTEIRO mixed by NUNO GELPI mastered by JOÃO MAYA at TERAPIA DO SOM cover paintings by INÊS AMARO artwork concept & design by aeriola::behaviour ©2006 m¨c | mono¨cromatica

For fans of:The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson
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