Good News for Fans of the Baby Trump Balloon: He’s Coming to D.C.

Politics Features Baby Trump Balloon
Good News for Fans of the Baby Trump Balloon: He’s Coming to D.C.

In lieu of substantive progressive victories in American politics, sometimes you have to settle for the stupid ones. In that vein, we are happy to report that the “Baby Trump” blimp, which has been dogging the American president around the world and surely annoys him on some level, will next appear in Washington D.C. on July 4 during a “Salute to America” celebration taht will heavily feature Trump. From The Hill, we have the group Code Pink to thank:

Mike Litterst, a spokesman with the National Park Service, confirmed to Fox 5 this week that feminist anti-war group Code Pink has been granted a permit to fly the notorious balloon during their anti-Trump demonstration…

Code Pink has raised more than $13,000 as of Wednesday to bring the blimp to its “Freedom from Trump” rally on July 4.

The balloon is 20 feet high, and depicts a shirtless Trump wearing a diaper and holding a cellphone. It made its debut in London in 2018, and appeared in Orlando this year when Trump launched his re-election campaign. To be fair to Code Pink, it’s not just about embarrassing the president this time—they have a legitimate beef with his 4th of July plans, which will feature tanks and airplanes and probably cost taxpayers lots of money, and how the bombast conflicts with his policies:

“The president is shifting the 4th of July festivities to celebrate his administration,” said Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin…”We will bring together people opposed to the pain and suffering caused by this administration, from family separation at the border to supplying weapons used by Saudi Arabia to kill Yemeni children.”

Will Trump tweet about the Baby Trump Balloon? Hopefully—it will only make the balloon grow stronger.

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