Bill Nye Tells Trump He “Can’t Build a Border Wall Against CO2 Emissions”

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Bill Nye Tells Trump He “Can’t Build a Border Wall Against CO2 Emissions”

Bill Nye the Science Guy is tired of answering the same damn questions about climate change. (It’s real, okay? Nobody’s trying to trick you into supporting clean energy.) With Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accord, the issue is being pushed further and further down the government’s list of priorities.

During a segment on the Accord on MSNBC, the host asked Nye, “Is this the best use of our resources today? To think about generations 20, 30, 100 years in the future when there’s people who need jobs and educations and safety today?” Nye so aptly replied, “Are you kidding? Climate change affects everyone in the world. We all share the air. You can’t build a border wall against carbon dioxide emissions.”

There are swirling rumors that climate change is a manufactured problem of the liberal Hollywood elite, but an interesting fact that some people don’t know is that literally every human, regardless of political party, needs oxygen. After much debate, scientists have in fact determined that without air, you can’t breathe. Let’s say you’re a self-absorbed asshole who doesn’t give a shit about the polar bears or massive floods because those problems don’t affect you. Guess what? You still need to breathe, which you can’t do if the air has insufficient levels of oxygen.

If you think you know more than Bill Nye, someone who has dedicated their whole life to studying this sort of thing and will reap no financial benefit from legislation that seeks to diminish carbon dioxide emissions, please go ahead and continue to ignore the problems facing our environment. We hope you’re satisfied with yourself when you’re watching your grandkids get launched into space because Earth is no longer habitable.

Watch Bill Nye try not to lose his shit above and learn about climate change here.

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