The FBI Isn’t Responding to Kavanaugh’s College Peers, Potential Witnesses or Anyone, Really

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The FBI Isn’t Responding to Kavanaugh’s College Peers, Potential Witnesses or Anyone, Really

People who knew Brett Kavanaugh in college and high school are trying to reach out to the FBI, but aren’t getting any responses. Huffington Post guest writer William Scheuerman says he lived in the same residence hall as Kavanaugh and was able to come up with a list of classmates who may have witnessed Debbie Ramirez’s assault. When he tried to send that list to the FBI and didn’t get a response, he started getting in touch with his classmates and neighbors.

When he did so, he found that many of them had offered up similar lists, or had simply tried to reach out to the FBI to corroborate and, just like Scheuerman, were ignored. Witnesses provided by Ramirez’s lawyer have not even been contacted yet, nor has Kavanaugh’s own college roommate. Scheuerman, a professor of political science, recommends students to work for the FBI, and yet—nothing.

The New Yorker published an article on Sept. 30 that paints the same picture. Dr. Ford, another of Kavanaugh’s alleged victims, reported that Mark Judge was in the room during her assault. Elizabeth Rasor, Judge’s girlfriend at the time, says Judge told her about the incident in question, and that she was even present at the party where Ford’s assault allegedly took place. She wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the FBI expressing her desire to come forward as a corroborator. No response for Rasor either, though.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, Ford’s lead attorney Debra Katz tried to contact the FBI, saying Ford wished to assist in the investigation, even after reliving her trauma in front of the entire country. Katz told The New Yorker, “We’ve tried repeatedly to speak with the F.B.I, but heard nothing back.”

Though the FBI has spoken to Ramirez, who accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her, and even received a list of witnesses from Ford herself, they have yet to be contacted, per Sheuerman’s Oct. 4 article.

It’s unclear what the FBI is doing if they aren’t talking to voluntary witnesses, corroborators and victims. With the senate vote and the investigation’s deadline fast approaching, it’s hard to see this investigation as anything more than theatre.

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