NPR Pisses Off Trump Supporters By Tweeting the Declaration of Independence

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NPR Pisses Off Trump Supporters By Tweeting the Declaration of Independence

We’re sure that NPR’s intention when they tweeted the entirety of the Declaration of Independence yesterday was to fill some space while most everyone was out of office for Fourth of July festivities. What resulted, however, was an Internet gang of Trump supporters who saw the tweets as a threat to their king and even implied that the most docile news organization in existence was trying to start a revolution with tweets like the below.

While Trump continues to retract pretty much every promise he made during his campaign, MAGA diehards are closing their eyes and pretending the top of the economic food chain isn’t pulling all of the strings. Still, we have to hand it to them; they’re ride-or-die for their man, even if it means being disgusted with the document that the United States was founded on.

The irony is not lost that their slogan implies that they want to get back to core American ideals; is there anything as quintessentially American as the Declaration of Independence? One Twitter user even went so far as to label the tweets “propaganda,” which, given MAGA warriors’ use of patriotism and nationalism as the main pillars of their beliefs, is so painfully oblivious we kind of wish it was satire.

If you want a good laugh, picture Tom Ashbrook calmly reciting the tweets as an angry mob of Trump supporters picket next to him, telling him he’s un-American. Jefferson and Adams would be proud.

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