Donald Trump Jr. Subpoenaed by Senate Intelligence Committee

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Donald Trump Jr. Subpoenaed by Senate Intelligence Committee

Donald Trump Jr. has been subpoenaed by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

It looks as if the President’s attempts to bring the Russia investigation to a close are proving to be ineffective, as the Republican-led committee has now brought Trump’s eldest son into the mix regarding the 2016 election interference. According to those familiar to the committee’s decision, Trump Jr. met with Russians back in 2016 in exchange for dirt on then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

This news comes just a day after Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky implored Congress to move on from the recently released Mueller report, and shows that not even Trump’s own party is particularly willing to turn a blind eye to these alleged transgressions.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has taken a special interest in Trump Jr. in regard to his account of the Trump Tower meeting, and will perform a cross-examination of the testimony he gave to Senate investigators in 2017. The younger Trump has been one of his father’s closest advisors throughout his political run.

Trump Jr. and his representatives have yet to comment publicly.

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