Donald Trump Retweets, Then Deletes, Cartoon Image of Train Colliding With CNN

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Donald Trump Retweets, Then Deletes, Cartoon Image of Train Colliding With CNN

The bar really could not be lower for Donald Trump. Every time we push it further to the ground, he manages to find a way to crawl under it like the cockroach that he is. We thought he would have learned his lesson the first time he retweeted a tweet depicting himself beating up the CNN logo in a wrestling match, but now he’s gone a step further by sharing a tweet that depicts a cartoon man with the CNN logo on his face being run down by a train.

trump cnn train tweet.png

Though Trump’s retweet has since been deleted (the original tweet itself can be seen here), the damage is done. Trump simply does not see anything wrong with suggesting a news organization should be killed by a train, even after a white nationalist literally killed a woman in Charlottesville this past weekend by running over her with his car.

After the terrorist attack, Trump condemned the “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides,” apparently unwilling to disavow the demographic of Americans who make up a good chunk of his supporters. Seeing the negative response, his team set up a redo speech in which he actually named white nationalists as the inciters of violence—which was too little, too late if you ask us—but Trump was back to his usual self pretty quickly, instigating violence against the media on his personal Twitter account.

He also tried to turn attention away from the riot by retweeting an alt-right post about Chicago crime (embedded below), which he has been verbally more tough on than actual Nazis.

Trump’s behavior is proof that the second speech he gave on Charlottesville is empty rhetoric. To quote Maya Angelou, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Donald Trump is a racist, violent, power-hungry individual who doesn’t deserve any more chances, and we won’t be giving him any.

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