You Can Get 66:1 Odds on Trump Growing a Hitler Mustache

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You Can Get 66:1 Odds on Trump Growing a Hitler Mustache

Joe Lee has an interesting job.

He’s in charge of Trump betting at the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power. This might sound like a joke, but it’s a serious revenue stream for the company, as politics bets are their third most popular form of bets, only behind soccer and horse racing. In an excellent feature, Lee told The Daily Beast that initially Paddy Power saw Trump as a joke candidate, giving him odds of 250:1 to win the presidency. Now? He hopes Trump stays in the job.

Why? Because most of the politics bets are actually just Trump bets, says Lee. He and his team learned pretty quickly that funny, outlandish bets about Trump were a way to draw customers in, and now people can bet on an extremely wide variety of activities for Trump, from the next word he’ll misspell on Twitter to the likelihood of Joe Biden punching him in the face.

Trump converting to Islam? 50:1.

Trump growing a Hitler mustache? 66:1.

Trump converting to Scientology? 25:1.

Trump denying the existence of God? 20:1.

Trump releasing a sex tape? Just 14:1.

Trump getting caught in specifically the Moscow Ritz red-handed with Russian prostitutes? 100:1.

Without Trump, Lee says that politics bets at Paddy Power might dry up overnight. “I hope he stays in his job as long as possible,” he said. “He can fire all the people he wants.”

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