Trump Wants to “Go Big” and Send Checks to Americans Within Two Weeks

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Trump Wants to “Go Big” and Send Checks to Americans Within Two Weeks

Trump adopted a somber tone this week when addressing the nation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which is necessary as the pandemic commands more national concern despite him previously downplaying the disease. As of late Tuesday morning, 4,600 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the U.S. In an attempt to slow the spread of the virus in 15 days, Trump proposed stricter social-distancing precautions and advised Americans to stay home, and avoid social gatherings of 10 or more people. Tuesday, he announced that he’s pushing a relief plan to aid the workers affected by this massive reduction in consumer spending, most of wbom rely on hourly wages that are becoming scarce as more people stay home.

After warning of a recession Monday, Trump said that he wants to push through a stimulus package by sending checks directly to Americans in need. It’s unclear how the White House will determine who needs relief and how much, but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says they “don’t want to be sending checks to millionaires.”

The total cost of this stimulus package has yet to be confirmed, but the White House requested $850 billion from Congress for it. The package is still awaiting confirmations, along with a House-passed coronavirus response bill that would make more workers eligible for paid sick leave. We’ll just have to wait and see whether the stimulus plan will bring the relief that will secure Trump that 10/10 he’s already awarded himself for pandemic-handling.

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