The Best Tweets from Angry Trump Supporters Over His Reported Border Wall and Amnesty Betrayals

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The Best Tweets from Angry Trump Supporters Over His Reported Border Wall and Amnesty Betrayals

If you’re just catching up on President Trump’s heel turn today, let’s start here. Take note of the dates on these tweets.

Last night, the AP reported that “Schumer, Pelosi announce deal with Trump to protect young immigrants; will include border security, but no wall.” Trump pushed back against that assertion this morning.

He also seemed to be laying the groundwork for a “we don’t need a wall when we already have a wall” argument, as the reality of how expensive a contiguous wall stretching from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico is becoming more apparent by the day.

He then essentially defended the Dream Act that would grant amnesty to certain individuals.

Needless to say, his supporters are not happy. Let’s kick this off with Congress’ most high-profile white nationalist.

One of the characters on Family Guy was pretty pissed too.

Senator Chuck Grassley voiced his disapproval in his typical confused Twitter jargon.

Lou Dobbs, who was super racist long before it was cool, seems to be at a loss for words right now.

Trump’s lapdog, Sean Hannity, couldn’t bring himself to criticize Dear Leader, so he trained his ire on Mitch McConnell.

Ann Coulter, who wrote a book called In Trump We Trust, was extremely not mad online.

She also twisted herself into knots justifying her previous support for Trump.

Eternal Trump sycophant Bill Mitchell refused to let Coulter sully Trump’s name, and he claimed that seemingly going back on his campaign promises is just another example of the infinity dimensional chess game that Trump constantly has running.

Credit to Mitchell, this is actually one of the best tweets I’ve seen on this cesspool of a website.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham showed off that trademark MAGA sense of humor.

Meanwhile, plenty of Trump’s every day supporters filled people’s timelines with ultimatums that will definitely not come back to bite any of them.

MAGA Media is apoplectic.

Last, but definitely not least, Justin O’Hara won the internet today with this photoshop.

Jacob Weindling is a staff writer for Paste politics. Follow him on Twitter at @Jakeweindling.

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