Angry Trump Baby Blimp Approved to Fly Over London During Trump’s U.K. Trip

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Angry Trump Baby Blimp Approved to Fly Over London During Trump’s U.K. Trip

A Trump “angry baby” blimp has been approved by London’s mayor Sadiq Khan to fly over the city during Trump’s visit to the U.K. in mid-July. The balloon, which is approximately 19.7 feet high, extremely orange and dressed in a diaper, will fly next to parliament on July 13, just in time for Trump to see it.

Trump’s U.K. trip will last three days and he will spend his time meeting with Theresa May at Chequers before joining the Queen at Windsor Castle. The oversized Trump baby’s flight is timed perfectly with Trump’s schedule and will be suspended next to parliament between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. local time. The blimp protest was organized by a group that calls themselves anti-fascist “art activists” who have raised $21,154 to pay for the blimp protest, three times the group’s original goal. The group’s spokesperson Nona Hurkmans said, “We are just a small group of friends who set out to show that fascists are not welcome in the U.K. We have been genuinely overwhelmed and touched by the incredible levels of support we have received for our project.”

However, the mayor’s office didn’t immediately approve the Trump baby blimp. 10,000 people signed a petition urging the mayor to “let the Trump Baby fly” and eventually Khan approved the protest. A spokesperson for the mayor said, “The Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms. His city operations team have met with the organizers and have given them permission to use Parliament Square Garden as a grounding point for the blimp.” Leo Murray, one of the activists involved in the protest, said:

“We didn’t get off to the best start with the Mayor’s office over this, who originally told us that they didn’t recognize Trump Baby as legitimate protest. But following a huge groundswell of public support for our plan, it looks like City Hall has rediscovered its sense of humor. Trump Baby will fly!”

The protest organizers said the Met Police are happy about the flight and have given them the all-clear to fly the big, orange Trump baby. However, they are in charge of local airspace and have the power to veto the flight on July 13 if it poses a safety issue.

The Brits will also welcome Trump to the U.K. with a “Stop Trump” march in central London. Around 50,000 people are expected to attend the march in a protest that the organizers have called a “carnival of resistance.” The protesters will march through the city into Trafalgar Square, where the main rally will take place.

Trump will have a huge welcome party waiting for him across the pond. Not only will a giant baby version of him fly over the parliament building holding a cell phone and angrily crying in his diaper, but also 50,000 people will march through the city to protest his presidency. The “art activists” also plan to take “Trump Baby” on a world tour following his flight at parliament.

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