Trump Discovers Google, Is Dissatisfied

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Trump Discovers Google, Is Dissatisfied

On Tuesday morning, the President was finished with all of his school work, so he was granted free computer time. As The Week points out, Trump, like all of us would, used this time to google his own name. Unsurprising to everyone but himself, the results were not good. In a fit of rage, he went to Twitter to report his findings.

Note: Shortly before this post was published, Trump, in a rare move, deleted the aforementioned tweets. But we’ve got the screenshots.


As you can see, at the end of his tweet spree, he settles back into his mob boss chic vernacular, ending with an empty “will be addressed!” If only the President were as eager to make change about anything that didn’t directly affect him.

Setting the record straight, though, Trump chose one of the worst weeks to google his name. Last week, he promoted a xenophobic video, his former campaign manager was found guilty on eight counts, and he can’t seem to stop himself from trying to one-up the late Senator John McCain.

Trump’s ignorance towards his own ability to do wrong means that the world is his enemy. Even Google is fake news now. Joking aside, Trump is essentially just promoting his dangerous means of dealing with problems: gaslighting. Each time he’s met with criticism, he attacks the source, rather than even considering his potential to be wrong.

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